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I'm Bari, freelance web designer and developer that has spent the last 3 years pushing the boundaries of digital design.

Freelance Web Developer

I'm Bari, freelance web designer and web developer. I've been providing creative web deisng for clients and agencies in and around Wales & Malaysia. I've worked with various clients needs varying from start-ups to SME's to large corporations. My aim is to build a fast, scaleable and unique to each of my clients. Do you have a project in mind? 

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.

Quoted from Paul Cookson

My Capabilities


Web Development

I build a web that perform as required and fast for a better user experience. Good design is to strike a balance between aesthetics & functionality. Your site will look beautiful & functioning.
Any design possible
Clean layout
Fast and converting


Build a site that allow you to sell your products and services 24/7 with payment gateway option such as Paypal & Stripe. Integration with accounting software such as Xero is possible.
Sell anything 24/7
Automated shop
Security at best

Web Hosting

I host your web on my own dedicated server so you will get the best performance out of your web. This also enables the web to be customised to any needs & reducing 3rd party costs.
Own infrastructure
Customisable at best
High performance

Web Maintenance

Once your site gone live, it is important to take care of it. This includes regular backup, speed optimisation, malware prevention etc. Focus on your business and I will take care of your site.
Ensure reliability
Regular backups
Malware preventions

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